Process Design

In the field of process design, we deal mainly with the development of processes, their management, designand projecs with a focus on:

  • Food industry
  • Energy industry
  • Oil and natural gas industry
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Projecs and operation of processes aimed at environment protection

Within this field, we are able to provide:

– Process design of new chemical and technological facilities
– Process redesign of existing chemical-technological facilities
– Modeling of flare system
– Analysis of hypotheses and case studies in terms of process technology
– Optimization of the production unit
– Energy analysis
– Analysis of process security, including dynamic depression diagnosis and modeling of blowdown systems, especially with regard to the development of HAZOP, SIL, LOPA
– Predictive analysis of the production safety system
– Providing important support for complex design of chemical, petrochemical and refinery plants